Curriculum Vitae


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* 09/2008-
DAAD Fellow, Postdoc at International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley

* 10/2002-05/2008
Scientific co-worker at Abteilung für Technische Informatik (computer engineering group) of Bonn University,

Main responsibilities:

* Development of a SystemC extension library for describing and simulating reconfigurable hardware, including:
  • Idea and concept
  • Object oriented design using design patterns
  • Use of C++ acceleration techniques (template meta-programming, macros)
  • Testing and debugging

* Development of a collision detection acceleration hardware (CollisionChip), including:
  • Development of the fixed-point algorithm
  • Simulation of the architecture in SystemC on multiple abstraction levels
  • VHDL implementation and synthesis of the architecture using Xilinx ISE
  • Testing and debugging on Xilinx Virtex II FPGA

* Managing these projects, including
  • Applying for funds
  • Reporting to DFG
  • Version control using CVS and Subversion
  • Coordinating student co-workers
  • Presenting and publishing the results at international conferences and in international journals

* Co-advising master students (8 students since 10/2002)

* Teaching computer science courses, including courses on:
  • The synthesis tool chain
  • SystemC and VHDL development
  • Computer organisation and design
  • Basic electrical engineering


* 08/2008
Ph.d. in computer science with distinction (summa cum laude)
Doctoral thesis ``Describing and Simulating Dynamic Reconfiguration in SystemC Exemplified by a Dedicated 3D Collision Detection Hardware''

* 09/2002
Diploma in computer science,
Diploma thesis ``Lokalisation bewegter Mobiltelefone''
(Localising moving cellular phones)

major field of study: Computer science (Informatik, Diplom),
minor field of study: Psychology

* 08/1987-05/1996
Secondary school (Gymnasium),
major fields of study: Mathematics and English
Alternative Civilian Service and volunteer work
* 03/1996-03/2002
Alternative civilian service in the civil protection service with the ``Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe''

* 02/1994-03/1996
Volunteer work with the ``Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe''

* Wind surfing, inline skating, reading, writing


Andreas Raabe 2009-04-20