Peru 1998

Tien, Nancy, Kevin and Rachel at Machu Picchu

Synopsis: Berkeley renegades Kevin and Nancy escape to join Tien, a near-yearlong veteran of a Lima NGO, and her housemate and colleague Rachel, a temporary UK transplant, for a whirlwind two weeks in Peru. Together they manage to cram in Andean adventures in and around Cuzco, a brief journey into the jungle near Puerto Maldonado and an ultra-compressed one-day Lake Titicaca visit, steering mostly clear of altitude sickness, malaria, robbers, blatant scams and perros bravos. Much hilarity ensues as the quartet luck into some memorable guides, stumble upon blue food in the wild, unravel the Vamos Vecino mystery... and strike gold.

Page created by Kevin Murphy and Nancy Chang (with travel partners Rachel Chalmers and Tien-Shun Lee in spirit!).
Last update July 13, 1998.