Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez

I received my BA+MsC in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Oviedo in 2007. My M.S. Thesis was completed at the University of Cambridge, Computer Laboratory as a visitor student working on Haggle Project. In 2008, I joined Vodafone R&D, returning to Cambridge to complete my Ph.D. program under the supervision of Jon Crowcroft. During my PhD I completed three fruitful internships at Deutsche Telekom Labs, TU-Berlin, with Pan Hui and at Telefonica Research with Dina Papagiannaki and Yan Grunenberger. My PhD research was awarded with a Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship in 2012. In July 2013, I joined ICSI as a Post-Doc to work with Prof. Vern Paxson, Nick Weaver and Christian Kreibich on Netalyzr project. In July 2014 I became Research Staff at ICSI. My research interests are on networks performance, measurements, privacy and security with a strong interest in mobile systems.


  • Does your operator leak your private data? HTTP Header Enrichment in Mobile Networks (Blog post)

  • Netalyzr for Android

  • Google Scholar Profile

  • RilAnalyzr is a cross-layer debugging tool for Android handsets. The source code is publicly available on github