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Meeting Recorder: Portable Speech Recognition

Other Issues

There are many other issues related to the design and use of the Meeting Recorder. The following paragraphs outline a few.

Will People Object?

Will people object to being recorded? This has proved to be a real problem with video records. Although audio records seem to be less of a problem, issues of privacy must still be addressed. Simple "muting" is probably insufficient, since many participants may have Meeting Recorders.

Problems with Data Collection

The data collection phase is necessarily somewhat artificial. It remains an open question on how the constraints of the data collection phase will affect real meetings. Will speaking style change? Will people be equally mobile?

Cross Domain Training

We cannot hope to cover the vocabulary and language models of all possible meetings. What commonalities can be found? How much data will we need to "cover" a new domain? Can we start with existing domain? Do textual corpora help?

Many User Interface Issues

Many Information Retrieval Issues

Many Speech Recognition Issues

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