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Meeting Recorder: Portable Speech Recognition


Meeting Recorder is a project to design, implement, and test a portable digital speech recorder that incorporates robust speech recognition algorithms to provide a searchable transcript of speech in real time. To effectively use this system as an on-line meeting recorder will require new user interface paradigms, which we will develop in this project. The resulting prototype will then be used to support research into robust speech recognition and vector processing. Additionally, this project will be used to initiate new research into user interfaces for target applications incorporating this technology, and in the tradeoffs between energy usage, performance, and accuracy.

The multidisciplinary team of researchers includes experts in speech recognition, user interface design for mobile devices, and low-power hardware design. This team is closely affiliated with the Intelligent RAM (IRAM) project, which is building a powerful processor ideally suited for the goals of this partnership. This processor, the VIRAM-1, combines a vector processing unit with a large DRAM array and fast I/O on a single chip to efficiently execute the computationally intensive speech algorithms required for robust speech recognition.

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