I am also passionate about teaching and have taught at various Universities. Most recently, UC Berkeley. This page contains links to some of my class materials. I am also actively involved in curriculum development, specifically as part of the TeachingPrivacy project that I lead.

Current Class

I teach
The Beauty and Joy of Computing at UC Berkeley in Spring 2016. Previous classes can be found on iTunes University or YouTube.

Past Teaching


Classes at UC Berkeley (2009-)

- The Beauty and Joy of Computing, together with Dan Garcia, Fall 2013.

- Hands On: Multimedia Methods for Large Scale Video Analysis: CS 294 Seminar at the EECS Department, Fall 2012

- Acoustic and Multimedia Methods for Video Analysis: CS 298 Seminar at the EECS Department, Fall 2011

- IEEE Summer School on Semantic Computing (UC Berkeley) 2009, 2010, 2011
Introduction to Semantic Multimedia Analysis

Classes at Freie Universität Berlin (2002-2005)

- Seminar Der künstliche Mensch (the artificial human) 2005

- Game Programming in Python, summer school for K12 students 2005
Game Programming in Python, summer school for K12 Students 2004

- Übung Softwaretechnik (exercises for Software Engineering) 2003

- Anwendungssysteme (software systems) 2003

- Seminar Multimediadatenformate (multimedia formats) 2002

- Projectcourse: E-Chalk 2002

Classes at University of Applied Sciences Berlin (2000)

-  Java exercises (summer term 2000)

Classes at VHS Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Berlin (1997-2005)

- Introduction to the practical use of e-learning

- Introduction to repairing PC hardware

- IT-job orientation for students

- A guide to faster studying


-  Privacy Concerns in Multimedia and Their Solutions: Tutorial at ACM Multimedia 2012 and 2013

- Acoustic and Multimodal Processing for Multimedia Content Analysis: Tutorial at ACM Multimedia 2011


- Mentor for the Google Summer of Code 2009

Curriculum Development

The Teaching Privacy project empowers K-12 and college students in making informed choices about privacy, by providing educational tools for teachers. Watch one of our videos on the left and check out our webpage
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