I also work on researching the privacy implications of uploading videos and images onto social media. Users often do not realize the implications of a photo and video and that this data can be correlated with other information. More background on this part can be found in the video on the left and here. A prominent result can be found here.



I am Director of the Audio and Multimedia lab at the International Computer Science Institute, which is a non-profit research institute affiliated with the University of California, Berkeley. In the recent years, we have been working on the two following themes.

Based on very large video corpora such as YLI with 100M images and 1M videos we are working with partner like Yahoo and Amazon to make content-based video search possible. We are developing state-of-the-art techniques for video analysis to detect specified events in videos, mostly based on the lower-level audio concepts. A quick, self-explanatory demo can be found on the right. We also have a strong track record in geolocation estimation. More information can be found here.


I have won research and industry recognitions for various projects. I am a reviewer and editor for various conferences and journals. For a list of publications, go to Google Scholar. If you want to obtain any of the publications, click here or contact me. On the right, I feature two books that I recently published. A full CV can be downloaded here (might be outdated though). A brief bio can be found here (maybe outdated though). Many of the press mentions can be grabbed from Google news.

Awards, Publications, Service

I have been in research for over 15 years and the two themes mentioned above are only the current ones. If you are interested in older projects, click here.