Gerald Friedland's Page

Research Interests

  1. -Parallelization and Bigdata Mining for Social Media Analysis

  2. -Multimodal Signal Processing

  3. -Non-Speech, Non-Music Audio Processing

  4. -Multimedia Intelligence Gathering and Privacy


Int’l Computer Science Institute

1947 Center Street, Suite 600
Berkeley CA 94704-1198


Room: 505 (5th floor)

Phone: +1 510 666 2987
Email: fractor (at)

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I am Director of Audio and Multimedia Research at the International Computer Science Institute, a private, non-profit research laboratory affiliated with the University of California, Berkeley.

A really nice summary of our current multimedia activities appeared as the headline article of the ICSI Gazette!

Our research focus is currently on large-scale (“big data”) social media analysis.  We are focussing mostly on audio analysis but work on systems where the combination of different modalities (acoustic, visual) results in synergistic effects. We also work on the privacy implications of multimedia retrieval and crowdsourcing (see also work). Here is a short bio.

If you wish a physical meeting with me contact me at the address on the right. Otherwise feel free to browse through my virtual presence.

Nice to meet you!