Meeting Recorder Dialog Act (MRDA) Database

The ICSI MRDA Corpus consists of hand-annotated dialog act, adjacency pair, and hotspot labels for the 75 meetings in the ICSI meeting corpus. It is available free of charge for research purposes. All materials are Copyright (C) 2004 International Computer Science Institute. Acknowledgment of the corpus should be indicated in any published research based on the data. All materials are provided AS IS. No support or warranty is offered. Downloading these materials constitutes receiving a nonexclusive license for noncommercial use.

Download the full set of 75 dialog-act, adjacency-pair-, and hotspot-labeled meetings.
(file: icsi_mrda+hs_corpus_050512.tar.gz)

Bdb001   wav annotation
Bmr002   wav annotation
Bmr011   wav annotation
Bmr015   wav annotation
Bmr019   wav annotation
Bmr020   wav annotation
Bmr023   wav annotation
Btr001   wav annotation