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Sunday October 19th, 1997

4:00 pm  Cookies
6:00 pm  Dinner
8:00 pm  Plenary address

Sounds in space, sounds in your head, and sounds in between
William M. Hartmann

Monday October 20th, 1997 - morning

8:00 am  Opening Message from the Organizing Committee
8:05 am Hearing Aids I - Eric Lindemann, session chair

A microelectronic core for a programmable digital hearing aid
J.A. Hidalgo, J.C. Tejero, A. Daza, O. Oballe, A. Gago

Compression circuit of a multiband analog system for hearing aid
J. Fernández Ramos, J.C. Tejero, J.A. Hidalgo, M. J. Martin, A. Gago

A DSP implementation of a digital hearing aid with recruitment of loudness compensation and acoustic echo cancellation
Sigisbert Wyrsch and August Kaeli

The continuous frequency dynamic range compressor
Eric Lindemann

9:25 amHearing Aids II - Jim Kates, session chair

A method for spectral transposition of speech signal applicable in profound hearing loss
A. Czyzewski, R. Krolikowski, B. Kostek, H. Skarzynski, A. Loren

Steady-state analysis of continuous adaptation systems in hearing aids
M. G. Siqueira, A. Alwan, R. Speece

Some notes on feedback suppression with adaptive filters in hearing aids
Wolfgang G. Knecht

Design of a broadside array for a binaural hearing aid
Ivo L.D.M. Merks, Marinus M. Boone, and A. J. Berkhout

10:45 amcoffee break
11:00 am Audio Coding - Jürgen Herre, session chair

Fixed-point analysis and simulations of AC-3 algorithm
Il-Taek Lim and Junho Bahn

Perception-based bit-allocation algorithms for audio coding
Stephen Voran

Noiseless coding of quantized spectral components in MPEG-2 advanced audio coding
S. R. Quackenbush, J. D. Johnston

Continuously signal-adaptive filterbank for high-quality perceptual audio coding
Jürgen Herre and James D. Johnston

12:20 pm Lunch

Monday October 20th, 1997 - afternoon

3:20 pm Speech Processing - Il-Taek Lim, session chair

On the properties of temporal processing for speech in adverse environments
Carlos Avendano and Hynek Hermansky

A subband noise-reduction method for enhancing speech in telephony & teleconferencing
Eric J. Diethorn

Analysis of nonlinear and nonstationary processes in speech production
Florin Grigoras, Horia-Nicolai Teodorescu, Vasile Apopei

A linear predictive method using extrapolated samples for modelling of voiced speech
Susanna Varho and Paavo Alku

4:40 pm Room Acoustics Signal Processing - Bill Putnam, session chair

Interpolation and extrapolation of room transfer functions based on common acoustical poles and their residues
Yoichi Haneda and Yutaka Kaneda

Modeling of reflections and air absorption in acoustical spaces - a digital filter design approach
Jyri Huopaniemi, Lauri Savioja, and Matti Karjalainen

Virtual-loudspeakers-based multichannel sound system
P. Y. Wang and S. F. Hsieh

5:40 pm Dinner

Monday October 20th, 1997 - evening

7:30 pm Special Session

MPEG and PAC Audio Coders
Jürgen Herre & Schuyler Quackenbush

8:40 pm Spatial Perception and Processing - Doris Kistler, session chair

An efficient HRTF model for 3-D sound
C. Phillip Brown, Richard O. Duda

Range-dependence of the HRTF for a spherical head
Richard O. Duda, William L. Martens

Head tracked 3-D audio using loudspeakers
William G. Gardner

Single-ended spatial enhancement using a cross-coupled lattice equalizer
Robert C. Maher

Tuesday October 21st, 1997 - morning

8:00 am Signal Modeling - Tom Quatieri, session chair

Extraction of spectral peak parameters using a short-time Fourier transform modeling and no sidelobe windows
Ph. Depalle, T. Hélie

Atomic decompositions of audio signals
Michael Goodwin, Martin Vetterli

Alias-free, multiresolution sinusoidal modeling for polyphonic, wideband audio
Scott N. Levine, Tony S. Verma, Julius O. Smith III

Phase-Vocoder: About this phasiness business
Jean Laroche and Mark Dolson

9:20 am Noise Reduction - Simon Godsill, session chair

M-band wavelet packets and filter bank trees as flexible tools in audio signal processing
Frank Kurth and Michael Clausen

Noise reduction based on spectral change
T.F. Quatieri, R.A. Baxter

A combined approach for broadband noise reduction
Markus Lorber and Robert Hoeldrich

10:20 am coffee break
10:40 am Music Restoration and Analysis - Olivier Cappé, session chair

Removal of low frequency transient noise from old recordings using model-based signal separation techniques
S.J. Godsill, C.H. Tan

Establishing the tonal context for musical pattern recognition
Ilya Shmulevich and Edward J. Coyle

Efficient blind separation of convolved sound mixtures
Paris Smaragdis

Nonlinearity-tolerated active noise control using an artificial neural network
C. X. Tan, H. Tachibana

12:00 pm Lunch

Tuesday October 21st, 1997 - afternoon

3:20 pm Spectral Envelopes - Mike Goodwin, session chair

Spectral envelope estimation using a penalized likelihood criterion
Olivier Cappé, Marine Oudot and Eric Moulines

Spectral transformation for musical tones via time domain filtering
Susan Yim, Yinong Ding, Alan McCree

4:00 pm Digital Filters - Scott Levine, session chair

Some properties of tail-canceling IIR filters
Avery Wang, Julius O. Smith III

Warped filters and their audio applications
Matti Karjalainen, Aki Härmä, Unto K. Laine, and Jyri Huopaniemi

Design of fractional delay filters using convex optimization
William Putnam, Julius O. Smith III

5:00 pm Musical Instruments - Matti Karjalainen, session chair

Elimination of delay-free loops in discrete-time models of nonlinear acoustic systems
Gianpaolo Borin, Giovanni De Poli and Davide Rocchesso

The One-Filter Keefe Clarinet Tonehole
Julius O. Smith III, Gary P. Scavone

5:40 pm Dinner

Tuesday October 21st, 1997 - evening

7:30 pm Auditory Modeling - Deep Sen, session chair

Spectral noise-shaping in integrate-and-fire neural networks
Robert W. Adams

A physiological ear model for specific loudness and masking
Frank Baumgarte

Towards a model of loudness recalibration
D. Mapes-Riordan and W. A. Yost

Echo suppression in a computational model of the precedence effect
Keith D. Martin

Pulse tracking with a pitch tracker
Eric D. Scheirer

9:10 pm Auditory Scene Analysis - Dan Ellis, session chair

Auditory segregation of vowel-like sounds with static and dynamic spectral properties
Pierre L. Divenyi, René Carré and Alain P. Algazi

Computational auditory scene analysis exploiting speech-recognition knowledge
Dan Ellis

Modeling binaural auditory scene analysis by a temporal fuzzy cluster analysis approach
Karsten H. Lehn

Modeling the Haas effect: A first step for solving the CASA problem
John K. Bates

Wednesday October 22nd, 1997 - morning

8:00 am Microphone Arrays - Mike Brandstein, session chair

Adaptive noise cancellation with directional microphones
Gary W. Elko

Adaptive beamforming with partitioned frequency-domain filters
Marcel Joho, George S. Moschytz

Optimum near-field response for microphone arrays
James G. Ryan, Rafik A. Goubran

Mixed nearfield/farfield beamforming: A new technique for speech acquisition in a reverberant environment
Darren B. Ward and Gary W. Elko

Superdirective microphone array for a set-top videoconferencing system
Peter L. Chu

9:40 am coffee break
10:00 am Echo Cancellation - Peter Chu, session chair

A hybrid mono/stereo acoustic echo canceler
Jacob Benesty, Dennis R. Morgan, and M. Mohan Sondhi

Filter bank constraints for subband and frequency-domain adaptive filters
Koen Eneman, Marc Moonen

10:40 am Time Delay Estimation for Sound Source Localization - Hong Wang, session chair

Sound localization of concurrent and continuous speech sources in reverberant environment
Jie Huang, Noboru Ohnishi and Noboru Sugie

A pitch-based approach to time-delay estimation of reverberant speech
Michael S. Brandstein

Robust time delay estimation for sound source localization in noisy environments
Panayiotis G. Georgiou, Chris Kyriakakis, Panagiotis Tsakalides

Voice source localization for automatic camera pointing system in videoconferencing
Hong Wang, Peter L. Chu

12:00 pm Conference Over: Pack, lunch, and checkout by 2pm

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