The SPRACH project

The SPRACH project was an EU-funded collaboration between ICSI, Cambridge University, Sheffield University, Faculte Polytechnique de Mons, and INESC in Lisbon. SPRACH is an acronym for SPeech Recognition Algorithms for Connectionist Hybrids, and the project was concerned with investigating various extensions of the hybrid connectionist/ANN speech recognition framework successfully developed in the earlier WERNICKE project.

The connectionist speech recognition tools developed during SPRACH were assembled into a downloadble package - see the SPRACHcore page for more details.

One aspect of the SPRACH project was the porting of hybrid speech recognition to other languages, specifically French and Portuguese. This was successfully demonstrated at our final review meeting in December 1998, where we showed a live speech-recognition system able to recognize in three languages. The Tcl/Tk-based user interface to this system is illustrated below:

This demonstration is installed locally at ICSI for Linux and Solaris, and can be run as "SPRACHdemo".

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