David Bailey's Travels Page

During October 1997 through January 1998, Lisa and I wandered the southern hemisphere. We call this trip our "Walkabout", after the Australian Aboriginal custom. We are putting together an online illustrated travelogue for our Walkabout, but for now here's a short list of the places we went:

Oct. 25-Nov. 9 Darwin, Australia (tropics, outback)
Nov. 10-Nov 16 Lady Musgrave Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Nov. 17 Spoke at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia
Nov. 18-Nov. 20 Sydney, Australia (Lamington rainforest, blue gum forest)
Nov. 21-Dec. 19 New Zealand (Tongariro, Abel Tasman, Fox Glacier, Arthur's Pass, Christchurch, Te Urewera)
Dec. 21-Dec. 23 Tahiti (and nearby island of Moorea)
Dec. 24 Easter Island (poetically on Christmas Eve)
Dec. 25 Santiago, Chile
Dec. 26-Jan 17 Patagonian Andes (Torres del Paine, Fitzroy Massif, Moreno Glacier)
Jan. 18-Jan. 21 Tierra del Fuego (windswept southern tip of South America)
Jan. 22-Jan. 24 Punta Arenas, Chile (penguin colonies)
Jan. 25-Jan. 26 Island of Chiloé, Chile

By David Bailey