David Bailey's Software Projects Page

My hacker alter-ego has designed an X Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the Sather programming language developed at ICSI. The original design was written for Sather 0.2, but it has now been converted to Sather 1.0 by Ben Gomes and myself. It uses Tcl/Tk instead of raw X, and should facilitate the creation of new widget types by users.

This GUI was tailored for use in simulations, which gave rise to two interesting design points. First, the GUI runs as a separate process from the main application, so that "core" application code needn't be sprinkled with constant calls to update the screen. Second, the design included the capability for all widgets to scroll back and forth through simulated time in a coordinated manner.

I also maintain the SOCKET library for Sather. Email me if you have any questions or bugs to report.

In the more distant past, I worked on TREPS, an assembler for the SPERT vector microprocessor designed at ICSI. The idea behind TREPS was to allow the programmer to write code which could, without change, run either on a regular MIPS CPU (upon which SPERT was based), in which case the vector instructions were trapped and run as regular C code, or on a real-life SPERT, in which case the vector instructions executed on the chip.

By David Bailey