David R. Bailey

Note: This is more relic than resume now (1/2005)

Design and building of software tools to improve Internet-based information access, using natural language processing and machine learning technology.
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Neural Networks
  • Cognitive Linguistics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Graphical User Interfaces
  • Object Oriented Language Design
Education Ph.D., Computer Science, University of California at Berkeley
Berkeley, CA, October 1997
Dissertation title: When Push Comes to Shove: A Computational Model of the Role of Motor Control in the Acquisition of Action Verbs
Committee: Jerome Feldman (chair), George Lakoff, Robert Wilensky
B.S., Computer Science, Cornell University, GPA 3.9
Ithaca, NY, May 1990
Senior Member Technical Staff, Amazon.com
Seattle, WA, September 1998 - present
Senior Member Technical Staff, Junglee Corp.
Sunnyvale, CA, April-August 1998
Hired as MTS to investigate natural-language processing learning algorithms; in four months promoted to Senior MTS directing all Junglee's NLP efforts. Stabilized, extended and organized a legacy code base for Junglee's parsing system. Hired, trained and directed a group of engineers to write grammar rules for a collection of e-commerce shopping departments. Acted as liason between NLP group and the Database Architecture, QA, and Consumer Experience groups. After merger with Amazon.com, was responsible for setting NLP technology direction for Amazon's Shop the Web service. Designed and deployed Amazon's Web-wide "product spider".
Software Engineer Intern, Hughes Aircraft Company, Space and Communications Group
El Segundo, CA, 1988 - 1990
Implemented ground-station software for AUSSAT-B satellite telemetry data reduction. Designed FORTRAN libraries to calculate orientation of NASA's Venus probe Magellan. Expanded a program which models attenuation of satellite signals due to rain. Developed a consistent X-Windows GUI for a group of applications.
Marketing Assistant, International Business Machines Corporation
Providence, RI, Summer 1987
Provided customer and salesperson support for PC-related difficulties. Assisted salespeople with PS/2 demonstrations, and developed a demonstration package for DisplayWrite 4. Installed several PS/2 laboratories in schools.
Research Assistant, International Computer Science Institute
Berkeley, CA, 1991 - 1997
Thesis: Built a computational model of how children learn the meanings of verbs for hand actions such as push and pull. Key idea was an active representation of motor control and how it interfaces to language in a linguistically, neurobiologically and psychologically plausible way. Used a Bayesian statistical approach to learning (model-merging) which allowed clean expression of biases regarding important features and the propensity for separate word senses. Constructed a Java-based interactive testbed for the model.
Software: Participated in the design of serial and parallel versions of the object-oriented language Sather, which strongly resembles Java. Wrote and maintained a type-safe SOCKET class. Implemented a simulation-oriented GUI toolkit capable of coordinated scrolling through time. Also worked on multi-thread locking mechanisms. Coursework in parallel languages and networking.
Hardware: Investigated efficiency of CNS supercomputer architecture for heterogeneous neural-network topologies. Implemented CPU simulator during design phase.
Neural networks: Developed an algorithm which adapts net topology to best fit the data via node splitting. Graduate coursework in neurobiology.
Guest lecturer, Univeristy of California at Berkeley
Course: The Mind and Language (Linguistics 105)
1995 and 1997
Teaching Assistant, University of California at Berkeley
Course: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (CS 188)
Consultant and Grader, Cornell University
Course: Computers and Programming (CS 211)
1987 - 1990

Proficiency: Java, C, Sather, Lisp; Unix (Solaris, Linux), X11, HTML
Familiarity: C++, Perl, SQL, Prolog, FORTRAN
Publications Extending Embodied Lexical Development. D. Bailey, N. Chang, J. Feldman and S. Narayanan. Cognitive Science Conference. 1998.
Modeling Embodied Lexical Development. D. Bailey, J. Feldman, S. Narayanan and G. Lakoff. Cognitive Science Conference Proceedings. 1997.
L0: The First Five Years of an Automated Language Acquisition Project. J. Feldman, G. Lakoff, D. Bailey, S. Narayanan, T. Regier and A. Stolcke. Artificial Intelligence Review vol. 10, pp. 103-129. Special issue on Integration of Natural Language and Vision Processing. 1996.
Getting a Grip: A Computational Model of the Acquisition of Verb Semantics for Hand Actions. D. Bailey. International Cognitive Linguistics Association Conference, Albuquerque NM. 1995.
Zoro the Zero Slasher. D. Bailey. Rainbow: The Color Computer Monthly Magazine (circ. 200,000). Tutorial on assembly language programming published during high school. (We all start somewhere.) 1984.
Invited Talks Neurocomputing Research Centre Colloquium, Queensland University of Technology
Brisbane, Australia, November 1997
Invited symposium talk at Cognitive Science Conference
Stanford, CA, August 1997
U.C. San Diego and U.C. Berkeley Cognitive Linguistics Workshop
Berkeley, CA, February 1996
Linguistics Department Colloquium, Univeristy of California at Berkeley
October 1995
SESAME/EMST Colloquium, Univeristy of California at Berkeley Graduate School of Education
October 1995
Honors Samuel Silver Award for Intellectual Achievement in Science and Engineering Combined with Serious Humanistic and Cultural Interests, EECS Department, U. C. Berkeley
Teknekron Graduate Fellowship
1990 - 1991
John E. Hopcroft Prize for Academic Excellence and Leadership
Cornell National Scholarship
1988 - 1990
IBM Thomas J. Watson Scholarship
1986 - 1990
Interests Avid hiker and backpacker.
Devoted amateur photographer and printer (Web gallery at http://www.icsi.berkeley.edu/~dbailey/gallery).
Reference Jerome Feldman
Director, International Computer Science Institute
1947 Center St. Suite 600, Berkeley, CA 94704-1198 Phone: (510) 643-9153
Email: jfeldman@icsi.berkeley.edu