David Bailey's Personal Page

My companion in life is Lisa Leinbaugh, for whom I've created a tiny home page. Someday I'll talk her into adding some interesting things to it.

We were married in 1996 ten years to the day after we met. We "eloped" (as much as this is possible for co-habitators) to Bridgeport, a small town on the east side of the Sierra. Bridgeport has a gorgeous Victorian courthouse, with a long history dating back to the Gold Rush era, which we have long admired. Renn Nolan, Mono County Clerk, kindly agreed to perform the ceremony, which took about five minutes out on the front lawn--though that was long enough to attract some onlookers. It sure beat being processed by some under-motivated civil servant in downtown Oakland!

An album of family and friends is in production...

Most everything in my first 18 years happened on this map of central Cranston, Rhode Island:

By David Bailey