David Bailey's Hobbies Page

"There is an intense but simple thrill in setting off in the morning on a mountain trail knowing that everything you need is on your back. It is a confidence in having left all inessentials behind, and of entering a world of natural beauty which has not been violated, where money has no value, and possessions are a deadweight. The person with the fewest possessions is the freest: Thoreau was right."

--Paul Theroux, The Happy Isles of Oceania

Camping and hiking occupy a big chunk of my free time. Lisa and I and various friends galavant around California, including the Sierra Nevada (Yosemite and Sequoia), the southern deserts (Death Valley, Joshua Trees and Mojave) and the northern coast (Point Reyes and Big Sur, for example). Once in a great while we make it north to the volcanic areas of Lassen or Lava Beds. We are particularly fond of the Eastern Sierra along Hwy. 395, with its majestic peaks, wide valleys and old-fashioned small towns (in fact we got married in one of them).

We have also camped our way around Utah, the Cascades, Alaska and Hawaii (where we spent $12 on accomodation for 9 days). And in late 1997 we took off an a grand trip around the southern hemisphere, which will soon become the first travelogue featured on our travels page.

When on the trail--and sometimes when off, too--our main hobby is photography. We do medium format work in both color and black and white. On those weekends when we're not getting fresh air on the trail, you can probably find us locked in the bathroom in the dark, printing! If you're a photo buff, take a peek at our magnus opus:

Natural Light: A Photo Gallery
The response has been enormous, and our pictures have been used for everything from a record cover to a botany master's thesis to a university department web page to a Hawaiian travel agency promotion. Incidentally, you'd be amazed how many people do web searches on "hermit crab"...

Eventually, I'd like the gallery to resemble the travelogue style of Philip Greenspun's rather impressive photo pages, especially Travels with Samantha.

Lisa and I are members of the Santa Clara Camera Club (though, having moved to Seattle, we're not terribly active members...) and were the original designers of the club's web page. The club welcomes anyone interested in photography, especially fine printing, to come visit!

The Sierra Club may never forgive me--though I have been a member--but occasionally I get the itch to take off four-wheeling. Treading lightly, of course! I confess I very much enjoy my classic old Toyota Land Cruiser ... these beasts even have their own club.

One of these days, I'm going to get serious about learning piano. My conscience in this matter is Martha Beth Lewis.

By David Bailey