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I am an X-year Ph.D. student in Computer Science at the University of California at Berkeley
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s-mail: Dep. of Computer Science
387 Soda Hall
Berkeley, California 94720-1776
office: 523 Soda
my GPG public key


Operating Systems
Multimedia systems
Fault Tolerance

Current Classes


Former Classes

[Spring 2000] CS294-8. Design Topics in Deeply Networked Systems
[Spring 2000] STAT200b. Statistics at an Advanced Level
[Spring 99] CS258. Parallel Processors
[Spring 99] CS286. Implementation of Database Systems
[Fall 98] CS252. Graduate Computer Architecture
[Fall 98] CS276. Number Theory and Cryptography
[Spring 98] CS294-1. Mobile Computing and Wireless Networking
[Spring 98] CS268. Computer Networks
[Fall 97] CS262. Advanced Topics in Operating Systems
[Fall 97] CS294-1. Multimedia Systems and Applications


Here you can find a list of my papers
I'm currently working in Open Mash
I've worked in the development of BMRC's Lecture Browser, project led by Professor Larry Rowe


[Fall 97] CS9C - C for Programmers (Self Paced)
[Fall 97] CS9E - Use of the Unix Environment (Self-Paced)

Other cool links

Iberia. Spanish Association at Berkeley (Spanish)
Tuna (Spanish University traditional music group)
López Puccio, Maronna, Mundstock, Núñez Cortés, and Rabinovich
Information on doctoral education in U.S.A. for Spanish people (fellowships, ratings, VISA information, ...). (Spanish)
Some software
Eurodicautom. A German - Danish - Dutch - English - Finnish - French - Italian - Portuguese - Spanish - Sweden Dictionary. Spanish-English translator
Links about the Spanish language (Spanish)
My books page (Spanish)
"D'Història. El fil d'Ariadna". Links to History Resources (Spanish)
Spanish Republicans in World War II
Spanish 1931 Constitution (Spanish)

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