Qualcomm-ICSI-OGI front end archive

The archive of source code and documentation for the Qualcomm-ICSI-OGI noise-robust front end described in Adami et al.'s ICSLP 2002 paper can be downloaded here. The archive also contains tools for using the speech detection, Wiener filter noise reduction, or nonspeech frame dropping features of the front end independently of other features. The noise reduction can be used independently of other components to produce noise-reduced waveforms.

(Another front end with the same design goals of efficiency, noise robustness, and low latency was described in Macho et al.'s ICSLP 2002 paper. A front end derived from that work has been standardized by ETSI, and ETSI has published the source code and a design document. As of February 2007, those files can be downloaded from ETSI here. As of February 2007, a list of ETSI work items from that working group can be found here under the heading "Work Item Monitoring".)