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EECS 294-4 Fall 1997
Connectionist and Neural Computation
Jerome Feldman and Lokendra Shastri

Schedule of Lectures

Aug 26
General Introduction: historical perspective; several origins, examples from CogSci. Notes (JAF)

Aug 28
Neural basis: brain, systems, circuits, synapses Notes (JAF)

Sep 02
Abstract computational models - binary threshold units, perceptrons, sigmoid units, units with state. Perceptron learning theorem, etc. Notes (LS)

Sep 04
Learning algorithms for multi-layer nets with differentiable nodes (aka backprop) Notes (LS)

Problem-1 due

Sep 09
Backpropagation in practice: some practical considerations - effective use of data, over-fitting and generalization. Catastrophic interference. Modular approaches. Notes (LS)

Sep 11
Principal Components, Function Approximation, Radial Basis Functions. Technical and Math review of Ballard Chapters 1-6. Notes (JAF)

Problem-2 due

Sep 16
Recurrent nets: Jordan, Elman, BP through time. Notes (JAF)

Sep 18
Temporal Flow Model, Competitive learning, Kohonen nets Notes (LS)

Problem-3 due

Sep 23
Taking stock: requirements of cognitive tasks and neural net techniques, structured connectionist approach. Notes (JAF)

Sep 25
Structured connectionist models - Regier's model of learning spatial relations. Notes (JAF)

Problem-4 due

Sep 30
Structured connectionist models - SHRUTI - a model of reflexive reasoning Notes (LS)

Oct 02
Implications of temporal synchrony variable binding Notes (LS)

Problem-5 due

Oct 07
X-Schemas Notes (JAF)

Project proposals due

Oct 09
Reinforcement learning Notes (JAF)

Problem-6 due

Oct 14
One-shot or recruitment learning (LS)

Oct 16
Structured connectionist models-4 (LS)

Problem-7 due

Oct 21
Connectionist models of vision and motion (JAF) Notes (JAF)

Oct 23
Incremental learning and model merging Notes (JAF)

Oct 28
Energy and Harmony - Hopfield Nets, Boltzmann Machine, and Harmony Theory. Notes (LS)

Oct 30
More on connectionist models of vision. Notes (JAF)

Nov 04
Harmony Theory, Comparing different solutions proposed for the binding problem (temporal synchrony, tensor-products, and signatures). Notes (LS)

Nov 06
Guest Lecture: Bayes Networks, and Petri Nets (Srini Narayanan)

Nov 11
Guest Lecture (John Lazzaro) References

Nov 13
Neural Development Notes (JAF)

Nov 18
Applications - speech (Morgan)

Nov 20
NN and statistics. (Breiman) Notes

Nov 25
Project descriptions (students)

Dec 02
Project descriptions (students)

Dec 04
Project descriptions (students)

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Lokendra Shastri
Mon Aug 4 17:53:30 PDT 1997