CS 294-4: Connectionist and Neural Computation

Term Projects

One half of your final grade will be based on your term project. There are many exciting projects available on campus and at ICSI and scientists eager to have your help. We also encourage you to seek a project that furthers your own interests and fits the course. It is fine to work in teams of two and it is often interesting to team with someone with a different background.

Pointers to some on going projects at ICSI:

The Neural Theory of Language (NTL) project, formerly known as the "L0 Project," is a research project in computational semantics.

SHRUTI: Connectionist models of reflexive reasoning. This project attempts to understand how networks of simple and slow neuron-like elements can encode a large body of knowledge --- containing several million items --- and perform a wide range of interesting inferences within hundreds of milliseconds.

SMRITI: A Model of Episodic Memory Formation in the Hippocampal System. Our ability to remember events and situations in our daily life demonstrates our ability to rapidly acquire new memories. This project attempts to demonstrate how a transient pattern of activity representing an event may be rapidly transformed into a persistent structural encoding via long-term potentiation (LTP) and depression (LTD) of synapses.

Speech research at ICSI has primarily been focused on speech recognition and auditory processing, with three main specializations: auditory-inspired signal processing, statistical modeling, and models of phonology and language for speech understanding.