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Rich Transcription

We are working to generate readable transcriptions of conversational speech in multiple languages. "Readable" here means incorporating capitalization, punctuation, and speaker markers; but it also means making major improvements in speech recognition performance, since word errors are still significant in this type of task.


  • TEAM (site leaders)
  • SRI (lead site) - Andreas Stolcke
    ICSI - Barbara Peskin
    UW - Mari Ostendorf
  • The main components can be broken down into four tasks:
    (with Principal Investigators listed first, co-PIs second)
  • Core Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Innovation
  • Horacio Franco -SRI

  • Rapid Development of ASR in New Languages and Domains (Portability)
  • Mari Ostendorf -UW, Kristin Precoda -SRI

  • Metadata Extraction and Modeling
  • Barbara Peskin -ICSI, Elizabeth Shriberg -SRI

  • Evaluation System Development
  • V.R.R. Gadde -SRI
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